xMBStat Struct Reference
[MODBUS Common]

Detailed Description

This data structure is used by the statistic interface.

Data Fields

ULONG ulNPacketsSent
ULONG ulNPacketsReceived
ULONG ulNPacketsReceivedSelf
ULONG ulNTimeouts
ULONG ulNChecksumErrors
ULONG ulNBytesSent
ULONG ulNBytesReceived
ULONG ulNExceptionCount
ULONG ulNNACKExceptionCount
ULONG ulNBusyExceptionCount

Field Documentation

ULONG xMBStat::ulNBusyExceptionCount

Number of NAK exceptions sent

ULONG xMBStat::ulNBytesReceived

Number of bytes received

ULONG xMBStat::ulNBytesSent

Number of bytes sent

ULONG xMBStat::ulNChecksumErrors

Number of checksum errors

ULONG xMBStat::ulNExceptionCount

Number of exceptions sent

ULONG xMBStat::ulNNACKExceptionCount

Number of NAK exceptions sent

ULONG xMBStat::ulNPacketsReceived

Number of received packets on the bus

ULONG xMBStat::ulNPacketsReceivedSelf

Number of received packets on the bus and addressed to this slave

ULONG xMBStat::ulNPacketsSent

Number of sent packets

ULONG xMBStat::ulNTimeouts

Number of timeout errors

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