Although analog microphones for professional use have come a long way ,development is still continuing and manufacturers strive for even lower noise and a higher dynamic range while at the same time integrating more and more functions, previously only available on digital microphones. Having only limited power and noise levels below the microvolt range is a challenging task as any new component, especially microcontrollers, adds a risk that could lower circuit performance. Together with our customer, we have developed one of the most versatile analog microphones with the lowest noise ratios and the highest dynamic range available [see reference].
In the past few years, digital audio products using USB and/or Bluetooth have increased in popularity. SILA has developed some of the finest wired digital audio devices supporting USB 2.0 asynchronous audio; offering Apple MFI certification, and integrated DSP functionality within a single microphone [see reference]. Wireless products, including Bluetooth headsets and speakers, have been successfully designed, developed, and brought to market for many customers. No part of a product development would be complete without a successful transition to production. At SILA we are proud of our equipment and knowledge in this key area of product development and can help you with all aspects of this development stage. 
Whether it is certification, compliance testing, test automation, cost reduction, or determination of specifications according to IEC standards, let SILA design a solution for you.

SILA Embedded Solutions is the perfect partner for any development in any of the following areas

  • Electronics for ultra low-noise and high dynamic range condenser capsule microphones

  • Electronics for dynamic microphones

  • Microphone preamplifiers

  • Electronics for tube microphones

  • Ultra low noise power supplies and high voltage power supplies for audio products.

  • Bluetooth microphones and headsets

  • Digital USB microphone products

    USB 2.0 asynchronous audio
    Apple MFI certified equipment (SILA has an Apple MFI development license)
    USB 2.0 full-speed and high-speed certification
    USB 2.0 cable design including Apple certified cables
  • Digital signal processing

  • Digital networking technologies

    including AES-67, Dante and AES-42

  • Technology evaluation, design reviews and troubleshooting of audio products

  • Acoustic measurements according to national/global standards (E.g. IEC).

  • Measurement and production optimization

    Production optimization with Audio Precision Equipment
    Measurements according to various IEC standards using G.R.A.S reference microphones, audio precision, Nordic sound calibrators, low noise preamplifiers with phantom supplies, and custom developed devices for measurement according to IEC-60268-4.
    Verification of published microphone specifications
    Cost and/or yield optimization


With an electronic self-noise of approximately 0dB in combination with a superior dynamic range exceeding 135dB, the microphone has positioned itself as one of the leading products. SILA Embedded Solutions not only provided the necessary simulations, schematics and designs, but also helped the customer to successfully introduce the product to production. Due to a dedicated production interface and the integrated microcontroller tolerances, the sensitivity of the products are automatically minimized with different polarization voltages for all operating modes. 
Digital USB based audio has become an important and vital part of the audio industry. SILA Embedded Solutions took a leading role in the development of an Apple MFI certified USB 2.0 high-speed asynchronous microphone. From the beginning we helped with the evaluation of a suitable technology platform, development of the hardware and firmware. Furthermore, we worked in close cooperation with mechanical and design engineers to develop suitable mechanical enclosures with shielding and EMC requirements of today’s digital products. Specification and development of custom USB 2.0 high-speed certified cable was also part of the project. The product developed was a stereo X/Y microphone with optional cardioid recording mode and a stereo line input. It is based on the XMOS multicore platform and supports sample rates up to 96kHz with up to 24-bit. In addition, it supports low latency direct monitoring as well as ASIO support under windows in combination with a custom control panel.
SILA has developed a development kit for the CSR bluetooth module which was used as a basis for firmware development and for verification of circuit performance. Availability of a development kit in parallel with the miniaturized version of the PCB can greatly reduce the development time by allowing proper debugging while still ensuring that the final product meets design and cost requirements.

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