Our development portfolio includes display solutions with LEDs tailored to the specific application, digitally controlled white backlight solutions for advertising space, and high-power LED-applications for use in street and tunnel lighting. We work closely with our clients from the initial idea until implementing the finished product. We help you choose the right LEDs  in terms of light intensity, color temperature, color rendering index, radiation pattern, price, and of course, in terms of thermal management of the circuit board. If necessary, we also recommend corresponding lens solutions for directed lighting and environmentally responsible coating for outdoor use. 
LED technology can be used to add useful features to existing products.  For example, using microcontrollers can add programmed lighting effects to the normal backlighting of advertising space. This can lead to a more interesting, and thus more effective, advertising solution. 
For outdoor use in a professional environment it is often necessary to decrease the light intensity during the night.  In order for this to occur, a control interface and the corresponding software are necessary.
It is vital to be able to react flexibly and accordingly to existing wire and control situations, especially when it comes to street lighting or the replacement of conventional lights with energy-efficient LED solutions.
You will benefit from our extensive experience with LEDs as well as from our experience in the industrial environment working with all standard digital
and analog control interfaces.
Developing a new product does not always mean starting from scratch. You have an idea to improve a product and we have the experience necessary to launch that new product fast and economically.   

SILA Embedded Solutions is the perfect partner for development in the following areas:

  • Symbol or letter displays according to your specifications

  • Backlighting of advertising spaces

  • Digital control of effects of backlighting (brightness, color)

  • Additions to existing products with a lighting solution

  • Development of outdoor lighting for streets

  • Combination lighting with control interfaces, wireless and/or wired

  • Evaluation of existing lighting solutions, design reviews and error analysis


Good contrast in daylight, automatic reduction of brightness at dark, color fidelity that is adapted to the red and green tones conventionally used for traffic signs, and high flexibility through multiple nested symbols characterize this solution. Given the increased requirement for outdoor use (temperature, humidity, dust), reliable and good product design pays for itself.

LED technology is especially advantageous when used in backlighting applications, especially for advertising purposes. Advertising requires unconventional effects that attract attention. Digitally controlled LEDs are a very good way of implementing such effects. Changes in brightness or changes of light color make costumer curious. Flexibility in programming and very economical product implementation are especially important for these solutions.

Reliability and durability of an LED are of special importance when it comes to tunnel lighting. In these cases, LED lighting can provide illumination that is not too harsh on the eye through good design, flexibility of the CTI, and color temperature. Reliability is important for the operator, as a tunnel cannot be closed to replace a light. 

The use of LED technology for street lighting often consists of replacing existing lighting solutions. Essential factors include energy efficiency, high quality of light and durability of LED solutions.

In contrast to tunnel lights, there is a wide variety of forms for the light fixture that often also influence the overall appearance of the surroundings. Therefore, flexible solutions are necessary that require adapting the electric/thermal interior of the light to the existing outside geometry. It is equally important that the LED lights react correctly to being turned down for the night through local transformer without changing the wiring between lights.

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