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SILA is your perfect partner for AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies, sine wave inverters, solar chargers and battery accessories. With more than 20 years of experience and personal one-to-one, uncomplicated and free of charge support in German, English and Chinese we can help you to get your products on the market quicker. Excellent EMC/EMI properties, high efficiency and world-wide certifications support our product portfolio.
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MORNSUN develops high quality AC/DC converter, DC/DC converter, Isolation transmitters, IGBT drivers, LED drivers. Depending on the product UL, CE, EN60601-1, [Exia] IIC approvals are available.
  • DC/DC Konverter from 1W to 60W
  • AC/DC Konverter from 4W to 120W
  • DIN rail power supplies (AC/DC, DC/DC)
  • LED drivers
  • EMC filter components (common mode chokes, surge supressors, etc.)
  • Isolating signal transmitters for industrial applications (0/4-20mA loops, RS485, etc.)

Supercapacitor cells and modules for industrial, railway, military and high-temperature applications. 

  • Super capacitor module solutions up to 500F with low-ESR. Custom options possible.
  • Super capacitor cells/coins up to 5000F
  • Hi-Temp tantalum capacitors up to 200° 
  • Wet tantalum capacitors, High power densitity hybrid tantalum capacitors
  • Hi-Temp and high-voltage MICA capacitors
ABSOPULSE Electronics Ltd speciales in the design and manufacture of custom and semi-custom heavy-duty switch-mode power conversion products for the railway, automotive, industrial automation, power utilities, mining, marine and telecommunications sectors.
DC/DC converters:
 Input: 12VDC – 1200VDC
 Output: 3.3VDC – 1000VDC
 Power: up to 30kW
AC/DC converters:
 Input: 115VAC - 560VAC, 1 or 3 phase, 50Hz - 100Hz
 Output: 3.3VDC - 800VDC
 Power: up to 30kW
Sine wave inverters and frequency converters:
 Input: 12 – 500VDC / 115-560VAC, 1 or 3 phase
 Output: 115/230VAC, 1 or 3 phase, 50Hz – 400Hz
 Power: 10W to 30kW
Power Innovation
Power innovation is a german manufacture of cost-efficient, heavy-duty, rugged and reliable power inverters, AC/DC converters and DC/DC converters.

Sine inverters:
Power: 125VA to 4kVA
Systems: 48kVA
DC/DC and AC/DC converters:
For 19" housing and wallmount
AEDON, LLCis the biggest Russian company which is specialized in design
and development of Hi-rel and compact DC/DC converters for crucial applications that are able to operate in harsh environments
KW SYSTEMS, LLC is a specialized manufacturer of a wide range of
AC/DC power supplies, UPS, chargers and power systems with an output
power from 25 W to 100 kW
Studer Innotec SA provides AC solar systems for standalone, backup and mobile applications.
  • Sine wave inverters
  • Solar charge controller 
  • Battery chargers
  • Battery protection
  • Battery monitoring
  • Battery separators
Custom wall-mount and desktop power supplies with world-wide certifications manufactured according to your specific requirements.

  • Fast samples available for evaluation
  • Competitive pricing
  • Small and medium quantities possible as well

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