SILA provides electronic frontends for optimal interfacing between sensors and successive signal processing units. Our main focus is on industrial-, lighting- and audio applications.  For us, electronics starts right at the signal transducer and ends with the correct implementation in your finished product. We have many years of experience working with sound transducers and the transformation of optical signals using photodiodes.
Our experience in acoustic sensor developments ranges from piezo-, electrostatic- (condenser) and dynamic transducers to MEMS microphones. Depending on the application we also work on creating completely new solutions for transforming sound into electrical signals. From infrasound to ultrasound in the MHz range – SILA is the perfect partner to support you in the development of your next audio product.
We have successfully helped customers in the design of electronic front-ends for spectral sensors and fast photodiode transimpedance amplifiers. 
Both sound and optical measurement technology require a noiseless and low-distortion amplification of signals with a high dynamic range of more than 120dB. We have successfully applied our experience also to other sensors. Examples of this include LVDT differential transformers for position measurement, high-impedance pH sensors, and all standard transmitters for pressure, humidity and temperature. Depending on the application, we either develop the electronic interface between the sensor and your signal processing system, or we implement your project completely, from the sensor to electronics to firmware. 

SILA Embedded Solutions is the perfect partner for development in the following areas:

  • Circuit design of the analog front-end between your sensor and the digital processing system

  • Digital signal processing and enhancement of signals (E.g. digital lock-in amplifiers)

  • Evaluation of expected sensor performance in conjunction with the processing system

  • Module development with digital interface for your sensor

  • Combining sensors with control interfaces, wireless and/or wired


Condenser capsules are among the best transducers for most audio applications . These capsules have a very high dynamic range, very low noise and a ultra-high impedance making them extra ordinary difficult to interface properly. With more than 20 years of combined experience in audio engineering we can be your successful design partner for your next analog microphone.
Photo diodes and photo diode arrays are often used for optical measurements. Photo diode arrays require a low noise charge amplifier and a fast analog readout circuit which minimizes any DC errors. Photo diode transimpedance amplifiers require a large bandwidth and low noise. Postprocesssing, depending on the application, often includes a lock-in amplifier to recover signals from noise. 

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