6-channel audio analyzer with real-time signal processing

For our customer we developed a 6-channel audio analyser with real-time signal processing based on a DSP for spectral analysis of sound and vibration sensors. Every input channel supports a large number of freely configurable frequency bands as well as a configurable threshold for start of monitoring. In addition, the device also offers recording functionality via an integrated USB interface.

Compact design, an input voltage range of 8-28V, as well as an integrated overvoltage protection allow direct installation in the device under test. Furthermore, a built in super capacitor can bridge voltage drops of up 15 seconds at full operation. Compared to conventional solutions available on the market, the device is 10 times more cost effective and space-saving.

The most important parameters:

  • Input voltage range: 8V to 28V
  • Power consumption: <6W
  • Number of channels: 6 (BNC with ICP supply)
    • 24 bit / 48kHz
    • 200 freely configurable frequency bands (A-weighted and flat)
    • SFDR (-10dBFS @ 1kHz): 105dB
    • SNR (-10dBFS @ 1kHz): 95dB
    • Maximum input amplitude: 6.6dBV
    • 3dB bandwidth: 20Hz – 22kHz
    • Crosstalk (at -10dBFs level): -90dB
  • Number of fieldbus: 1 (CAN / CAN-FD), 1 USB
  • Size: 210mm x 74mm x 170mm
  • Weight: approx. 1,5 kg

Special features:

  • Efficient mathematical implementation to process data on the DSP in real-time
    • Complex valued FFT for spectral processing of two real valued signals
    • Implementation with fixed point arithmetic
    • Parameterizable algorithms for easy adjustment of frequency bands and thresholds
    Martin Häusler

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