We at SILA Embedded Solutions GmbH believe that, in order to develop a good product for a given application, it is key to understand the application and application requirements. With our strong background in industrial electronics and optical/electrochemical sensors and control engineering we can quickly understand your application problem.
This ensures that, together with our customers, we develop the right solution from the beginning, delivering a cost effective and competitive product within a minimal timeframe. Due to the strict quality requirements on industrial products, we can also support our customers with lifetime prediction, FMEA analysis and certifications.

SILA Embedded Solutions GmbH has the following key expertise for development of industrial control products

  • Digital signal processing and control systems.

  • Industrial fieldbus communication including Profibus, MODBUS, Ethernet and others.

  • Requirements engineering and specifications

  • FMEA analysis

  • Review of electronic products according to IEC61508

  • Life-time and fitness evaluation according to SN29500 and MIL-HDBK-217

  • Expertise in certifying products for a global market including cTUVus, UL, CE, ATEX and others.


Membrane less optical microphones show a huge potential in industrial applications due to their excellent robustness to electromagnetic interference and temperature. A key element of such an optical microphone is a digital controller which stabilizes the DC operating point and cancels low frequency interference as the microphone is also sensitive to static pressure changes, e.g. by temperature, altitude, etc. SILA Embedded Solutions has developed a suitable low noise digital controller, which can operate in real-time up to 200 kHz using a Cortex M4/DSP with fixed point floating point. The implemented solution includes multi-rate signal processing where sample rate up/down conversion is employed to implement low frequency control loops. For high frequency interference rejection, the digital controllers operate at the maximum sampling frequency. In addition, a suitable design flow using MATLAB has been developed which allows the simulation of the open and closed control loop including code generation for the embedded systems. Our customer benefited from our combined expertise in audio and control engineering.

Industrial control terminals have changed from simple 32-Bit microcontroller systems with an RTOS to fully fledged x86 and/or ARM platforms running Linux and/or Windows. SILA Embedded Solutions GmbH has developed multiple baseboards for ETX and Q-Seven including wireless and 3G connectivity. The developed baseboard also included application specific I/O interfaces like 0/4-20mA loops, ethernet and sensor power supplies.

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